A comparison of German and British train services


ETA: England, you terrible cunt!!!

6 thoughts on “A comparison of German and British train services

    • “Well, Von Calder,” said the pygmy Australian, swinging back in her chair and kicking another piece of the luckless Morimoto up to the ceiling, where it stuck to the bottom of a cherub and quivered as if, she mused, it had at last found its happy place — its nappy place? — “will you divulge the secret of efficiency, or will we have to put you on the British trains on a Sunday again?”

  1. When you come and visit me (I can wishfulthink with the best of them) I shall put you on a Canberra bus after 6 pm, to catch your last flight home. Except….wait…. there are no Canberra busses after 6 pm on a Sunday. You’ll have to walk to the airport.

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