And back again

Back home! Had a terrific time in England, caught up with old friends and met some great people. It’s nice, though, to be back here in the warmth. (Give me a few days and I’ll be complaining about the heat.) No rest for the wicked, as now we have to pack up our stuff and move house. I’ve also decided to go to Loncon next year and take some sculptures to the art show, which means finishing them well in advance of the con to allow time for casting. I’ll be concentrating on small pieces in the name of keeping prices down and transport easy.

There’s plenty to tell and hopefully I’ll get some blogging done. Starting in reverse with Red 2, which I saw on the plane home — quite a lot of fun, Helen Mirren is badass, and now I have a fantasy of her and Byung-hun Lee starring together in a road movie.

I have a proposal for a new way of implementing the airport security grope. A cohort of at least 20 absolutely gorgeous security personnel — male, female and other gender, all trained extensively in erotic massage — will be available for the procedure. They will be wearing thong underwear and a light dusting of baby powder. Each will be designated by a number, by which passengers may select their individual groper. After the basic grope is concluded, passengers may, at their discretion, ask for a “happy ending” or negotiate for further shenanigans. Genius idea, no?

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