Gorilla dinosaur dispenser

This just isn’t fair. At the 7-11 near the new house they have one — just one — gorilla dinosaur dispenser. It’s kind of like a Pez dispenser, containing tiny, adorable, bright-coloured plastic dinosaurs, and the mechanism is in the shape of a gorilla. This one was defective, the gorilla having only one arm — but I wanted it for the dinosaurs inside, in order to cast them in blobs of resin and make them into jewellery, or maybe arrange them in kissing (or shagging?) pairs in a block of resin, poured in layers. Because how cool would that be?

But I was thwarted: they wouldn’t sell it to me! Not allowed to sell a broken item, or something. What?! How can this be??! I will go back and try again. A different employee might be willing to sell it. This matters, dammit!

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