God of fridges

In the fridge, waiting for transport in bubble wrap in an eski. I’m making all his fiddly and fragile bits out of hard wax. I need to work on his facial symmetry — atm the two sides of his face are quite different.



A while back I drew a bauta bird. I figured a couple of little birds in Venetian masks would be cute in bronze. This one’s going to be a plague doctor:





4 thoughts on “God of fridges

  1. I like the asymmetry – it makes him more challenging and gives personality. It also makes him a bit more human, though, since human faces are asymmetrical, so I understand why you want to adjust. I love it that you have power over the face of a god. Mind you, I also love it that you had a god in your fridge. All I have in mine is stuff that needs eating or cleaning.

    • At the moment there’s a little too much asymmetry — I think his jaw, nostril and eye heights should be evened up. But I might do less to his mouth, since smiles can be asymmetrical and I think that’s where the sense of aliveness would be.
      If I cast him in chocolate, then he would need eating…

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