Old Japanese toy paintings

The Ningyo-do Bunko Database is an online collection of over 5000 watercolour paintings by Kawasaki Kyosen (1877-1942) of antique Japanese toys and folk craft items. (Via Pink Tentacle, which naturally enough focuses on octopus-themed works.) Click on kyosen gangucho and gangucho to go to the indexes. Each link in the indexes takes you to a book’s worth of images.

A few pictures from the collection:





Also from Pink Tentacle, tangible holograms using focused ultrasonic waves, and translucent CG flowers by illustrator Macoto Murayama. Murayama’s translucent images highlight the geometrical structure in the beauty of flowers.


And while I’m linking, from the BBC, do seals navigate by the stars?


South Ashamoil

This morning I was working on a tricky part of The Floating World (please like it, Preston, please!). Feeling feeble and dizzy as I tried to marshal lazy, knockabout thoughts into some semblance of order, I had to slack off frequently to recharge the old mental batteries.

This is what I did when I was slacking:




Pictures created with SP Studio (http://www.sp-studio.de/), by Janina Köppel.  Such fun…

Now I have to write a 500-word not-a-bio for Baggage, which has to sound intelligent but unpretentious. Or I could go play with plasticine…