Masked Bandit

Some of you may remember the picture with the blindfold (completely utterly unsafe for work, unless you work in a whorehouse).

The blindfold is back. I needed a model, really — looked at a few photos but couldn’t find a figure in this position.


Anatomy and %[email protected]#! hands aside, I kinda like what I did here. Might explore this direction some more. (I know: first no eyes, now no nose or mouth. I was inspired by Duncan Regehr‘s drawings of Zorro, who he also played on TV. Little did I know, when in the first budding of my sexuality I went batshit for Dirk Blackpool (for younger viewers, yes, men really did wear their hair like that in 1983), that the actor playing him was an accomplished artist. I suddenly have a jones to watch W&W again… )

10 thoughts on “Masked Bandit

  1. I know. Nobody remembers but me and a handful of other equally elderly women in small Midwestern towns. I need someone to fangirl with, dammit. The stormy sapphire eyes. The slightly breathless voice, like phone sex with perfect English diction. The evil wisecracks. The leather. THE LEATHER.

  2. Ooo drawing! That husky female voice in the back screaming TAKE IT OFF is me btw…

    Duncan Reger played on V!!! I SO remember him! I can’t remember if Wiazards and Warriors came before or after V but… eeee! Duncan! Sexy bad ass! He had a starring role in my early sex fantasies.

    And I always thought there was some kind of weird symmetry that my next immediate crush after him was Rutger Hauer.

  3. Kirby — You want him to take off the blindfold? ;D

    Squee!!!! I can’t believe I just said I needed someone to fangirl with and here you are.

    I found Blackpool on YouTube! I think W&W came before V — it did in Australia, anyway.

    Oh my god. He was a gladiator in The Last Days of Pompeii. In a black loincloth. And a white loincloth. And a black loincloth
    Evidently it was also the 80s in Rome… [edit: I just cut out a whole lot of squeeing, because the more I look at these, the more the hair is bothering me.]

    I never went for Rutger Hauer — a sadly lost opportunity for fangirling, I know.

    Alankria — I do too, and I don’t know why either. It just seems a really magical idea; maybe a symbol of vision/imagination coupled with the power to act, as if anything you can see in your mind’s eye, you can do. I find eyes in hands hot, too — which I really can’t explain. Actually, I like eyes in all sorts of unconventional places. Alucard when he’s all covered in eyes is sexy. I mean, he’s always sexy, but the eyes add a certain je ne sais quois…

  4. *cringes at all my previous cold-med induced typos* I want him to drop the blindfold. It’s blocking my view!

    I loved Wizards and Warriors passionately at the time. It was canceled early, wasn’t it? I remember being upset that it was suddenly gone. And omg! I completely forgot The Last Days of Pompeii. I watched this whole miniseries when it aired! I really wish I could find it again on dvd. Is the gladiator topknot bothering you or the shag haircut? XD The topknot is rather sexy. It reminds me of Hellboy.

    And covered in eyes is sexy.

  5. It think it was cancelled early. I remember there weren’t many episodes, and also being upset when it finished.

    I like the topknot, but the headband is so Olivia Newton John. The farmboy shag doesn’t make me dance with delight, either. But oh, my, that physique. And the leather sleeve thing is nice, too…

    Yep — that monster would be butt ugly if it didn’t have those eyes. With them, I’d at least consider a date.

    EDIT: Oh, that blindfold! Maybe next time…

  6. Alankria — yes, aesthetically too. I guess eyes are jewel-like.

    Kirby — it has that breathless phone sex tone again…with distortion, as though coming from an Indian call centre…(but joking aside, I also find that creature distinctly compelling. It strikes me as very alien, an impossibility brought to life — mainly because of the design of the head, I think.)

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