Art Bits III

I recently got my author copies of the Traditional Chinese edition of The Etched City. Fab artist Wang-Tin (Andy) Lin has posted some info on his blog about how he created the awesome cover art. (Google Translate helps a bit if you want to read the text). The sphinx’s face looks rather like me, but Andy says he’s never seen my photo, so it’s (maybe!) just a coincidence. And the crocodile fetus and lotus man are on the back! The old parchment look on the cover is reproduced on the title page of the book, and the cover has a finish I’ve never seen before, matte but kind of grainy, almost like a sort of plastic, which looks good and feels as if it might be more durable than regular cardboard. I’m grateful to Andy for the artwork and to the publishers, Fullon, for doing such a lovely all-round job.

Speaking of art, the eye candy’s been piling up in my Firefox again.


Stacey Rozich

Tiffany Bozic (found via Wurzeltod, major love for The Silent Dredge)

Anna Lukashevsky

Sam Wolfe Connelly (interior contents not as sweet as the front page pic!)

Zhou Fan (artist’s website here.)

Jon MacNair (I like the “fine art” section)

Kristen Ferrell

Jessica Albarn

Joel Peter Witkin

Nick Sheehy

Images I hadn’t seen before by one of my always favourites, Takato Yamamoto. Lots of other good stuff at Mondobizzarro.

Individual pics/vids:

The People Tree (video) by N.A.S.A. (North America South America), thanks to Penchaft for pointing it out to me!

Madam Satan by Adrian Greenberg

A weird etching by Tommaso Gorla


Saving the Gleeful Horse

Saving the Gleeful Horse, a story I wrote last year, is online at Fantasy Magazine. Here’s the eponymous horse (which I’ve posted here before).


Writing update: I’ve got all but two of the collection stories to the “nearly finished” stage, which means I might have a fact or a quote to check, or a few lines or a paragraph to alter if I can think of better words, but they’re basically done. I hope I can get the remaining two fixed and the new story written by midyear. (I probably won’t finish the new story by then, but the midyear goal has been good for keeping me focused.) The Floating World continues to get written. I’m taking a few days off from story wrangling in order to concentrate on rock ‘n’ roll, porn, and de-lousing my golden cane palm.


Sketch – Rosehead

Essentially benign, despite its appearance. Lights the way in interludic stretches where the world is half-extinguished and half-asleep. Its mind is in the caterpillar. It wants to be transferred to a horizontal picture with other creatures following it.