WIP – St Sebastian

Yukio Mishima’s favourite saint. Inspired by recent trip to boy bar and by Takato Yamamoto. Ink on watercolour paper, quick digital colour. No model except for the right hand, which I think I’ve used in three pictures now! I’ve been drawing this with a fine-nib steel pen, which doesn’t like the rough paper, so the lineart is crap (not that my penwork is ever very good). When I’ve finished the ink and digital colour I’ll probably try painting it for real, which should result in a nice mess :-).


I’m not sure what to do with the halo. My first plan was to fill it with flowers, but now I think that might look twee. So maybe butterflies and moths (and a caterpillar or two).

Something that I think wants to be an Arthur Rackham tree has started to take root in the background, telling me it wants to be adorned with skulls, devil faces, lizards and other goodies. Guess I’ll be a while on this one…

I’ve got too many pictures from Nepal and not enough will to organise them at the moment, but here’s one as a placeholder. It’s a decoration on a strut under a temple roof. It’s true, God gave rock and roll to you! (And furry sex too, if you look below.)


4 thoughts on “WIP – St Sebastian

  1. Funny how we share some of the visual obsessions, like the poor Sebastian.

    And I learned a new word! Twee twee! 😀

    Very cool pic of Nepal, if you have more you should start organizing and uploading them.

  2. It seems we have something of a predecessor in St Irene. And I went back to the twee flowers, since the cloud of butterflies was too difficult. I’ll get on to those pictures when I’ve finished St Pincushion here. :)

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