Art Bits IV

Kate D. MacDowell, hearts for porcelain pitcher-plant heart, artist’s site here

Sarina Brewer’s custom creature taxidermy — fantasy creatures and more

Howie Tsui’s horror fables, artist’s site here

Dan May — I adore these paintings of moments in the lives of strange, soft monsters. Artist’s site here has many more images. Originals and prints available here.

David Chaim Smith — intensely detailed images referring to alchemy and the Kabbalah, and philosophical/metaphysical writings.

Chambres d’amour, chambres d’enfer — I especially like the first, grassy one by Bernard Faucon

2 thoughts on “Art Bits IV

  1. And I want to snuggle up with them. Which is how I got eaten by monsters and you didn’t.

    I like the fourth mermaid, with the white face — she looks kind of hungover, or washed up (literally).

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