Baggage cover

It’s here! Innit classy? The design is by Andrew J. McKiernan.

I will always remember how writing my story for this anthology was like chewing my own leg off. And I will also remember Gillian Polack’s editorial patience, conscientiousness, and hand-holding.

Not really related to cultural baggage, but Australian anyway: I’m feeling left out. For the past five years my fellow Melburnians, in their boho-bogan way, have been wearing spray-on jeans and calf-high boots (ugg, biker, musketeer, cavalry, take your pick) in the winter. It seems to have become a sort of municipal costume. And I don’t have any spray-on jeans, and while I do have boots, they’re go-go boots that don’t really go over jeans. Do I take the plunge? I’m feeling more and more old hat, even mumsy, in my bootleg jeans over mid-heel shoes. I don’t think I’m even going to have time to go shopping for costumes this visit, but maybe next year, if the tides of fashion haven’t turned…

7 thoughts on “Baggage cover

  1. Poor Tasmania!

    I don’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved to have google tell me spray-on jeans aren’t from a can

  2. Penny — I’d be disappointed. And the idea of spraying on your clothes from a can is nifty, and has probably already been used, but maybe it could be recycled.

    Alankria — as long as they’re not the kind with the waistband halfway down the unmentionables!

  3. I never understood why some guy sport their jeans half way down. My mind says if you’re happy to walk around with your arse hangging out why bother wearing pants.

  4. I find it hilarious when their jeans are so low they struggle to walk.

    (I wear mine on my hips, low-slung ish, but I do actually aim to cover my underwear and the bits beneath it.)

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