Election time again, so…

…have some Benny Hill Daleks.

An interview with a Dalek:

De-ve-lop! De-ve-lop! Da-leks will grow the e-co-no-my! The Da-leks do not con-sult the com-mu-ni-ty! Da-leks do not use pub-lic trans-port!  All your con-cerns are ir-re-le-vant! Ir-re-le-vant! Ir-re-le-vant!

Then why do you bother to spy on voters?

Be-cause we can! Be-cause we can! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! We are the Daaa-leks, we can do an-y-thing daaa-ling!

About that economy — isn’t it big enough? Aren’t we big enough? Developed enough? Why does the economy have to keep growing?

You do not un-der-stand! The Da-leks will grow the e-co-no-my to the ends of the u-ni-verse like a real-ly big bal-loon! Don’t you like bal-loons?

Er, yes, but…

The e-co-no-my will fill the u-ni-verse! The e-co-no-my will be God! The Da-leks will cre-ate God! Daaa-leks can do an-y-thing!

(Dalek gets distracted by a group of people with various human needs, some nice countryside, a beautiful old building, and a metropolitan train, and goes off to exterminate them.)