Hong Kong pics

So, er, finally some pics from Hong Kong!

Lantern dragon at the History Museum:


Sparkly dragon pants at the Sunday kung fu demonstration in Kowloon Park:




A shop selling curios/antiques/junk:


Bruce Lee:


Looking across from Kowloon to Hong Kong at night (there’s a nightly sound and light show where the skyscrapers ripple with rainbow colours and lasers wave around, too):


Pink rabbit-dragons for the Year of the Rabbit:


Topiary dragon at Kowloon Walled City Park…


…on the site of the former Kowloon Walled City, which really needs a post of its own. This is a model at the park:


View from Victoria Peak:


Outdoor escalators — these climb from the commercial district at the bottom of the peak to the residential region higher up:


One of Hong Kong’s very cute trams — you can see how narrow it is next to the bus:


A panda doing what pandas do (at Ocean Park — don’t ask why pandas are at a marine-themed park, all life came from the oceans, ok?):


Panda rests, ponders meaning of life, thinks it has something to do with bamboo:


Giant salamander — I loved this creature, it was like a living stone:


More cool beasties — giant spider crabs:



The Warrior’s Way

I saw The Warrior’s Way a couple of days ago. Enjoyed so much! This movie has: a cool, handsome assassin (Jang Dong-gun), a feisty gal out for revenge (Kate Bosworth), the wild west, ninjas in badass leather costumes, a circus troupe living in a broken-down town, Geoffrey Rush as the town drunk, a really cute baby, and one of my favourite things — dynamite! Oh yeah, and a plot gleefully strung together out of Western and martial arts cliches, with two sets of bad guys, the aforementioned ninjas and a gang of desperados who look like they were rejected from Mad Max 2 for looking too rough.

Here’s the trailer. This interview says that Lee initially wrote the script 11 years ago and envisioned a more contained, low budget film, and there did seem to be signs of a more low-key story getting compressed to become part of the movie’s plot. I can’t help being a little curious about the original script, but anyway, I thought the end result was a whole lot of w(h)acky fun. I could criticise this and that, but why criticise a film I smiled nearly all the way through (with a couple of squick moments)? I basically agree with this review. Oh, and The Warrior’s Way would make a great double feature with The Good, The Bad, The Weird.