He’s finished! In bronze! And I think he looks awesome 🙂 His toes are a bit twisted (maybe because the wax-clay model’s feet didn’t have armature wire in them and got bent at some point in the foundry?), but if I really want to I (assume I) can get another wax model cast from the mould, fix them, and get a new mould made for any further casts. In the meantime, I’m still extremely happy with how he came out.

He was hard to photograph — there’s a bit of lens distortion in some of these pictures.


borisfront1 borisfront3 boris2front1 boris2front3

borisback1 borisback2

borisside1 boris2side1

borisclose1 borisclose4 borisclose2



Oh wow

It seems The Heart of a Mouse won this year’s Aurealis Award for best science fiction short story. I’m really, really happy. Mouse is feigning nonchalance, but I think he’s quite chuffed too.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, and many thanks to the judges and organisers of the AA’s for their efforts, to Subterranean for publishing the story, Jeff VanderMeer for the batshit prompt that kicked it off, and extra thanks to Jeff VanderMeer and Geoff Maloney for reading the first draft, and the inimitable Kyla Ward for being my collector!


Pan – getting there

Ears, horns and hair are pretty much done! I’m leaving Pan alone now until I can ask my teacher for advice on how much or little finish to give the piece. I quite like the rough, unfinished torso, but if I leave it that way, I think it might want some graduation between finicky and rough. I carved the grooves into the horns mostly with a pin, a toothpick and a rubber-tipped tool. For the hair I used various small tools and a toothpick. The horns were an absolute bastard to do, I have to say.  On the first go I made the grooves too even and close together, so that it looked artificial, and I had to rub them out and start over. The ears were slightly less trouble, although one of them is very keen to break in half now.

The hair looks ok at a distance, but the close view says more work needed!:



Getting there in general: