Fyodor Pavlov

When I found the image below on Queerest of them all, I had a feeling it would lead somewhere good. It did! Fyodor Pavlov’s art (check out the archive at the link) inhabits a palace of old-school aestheticism with a cock-shaped summerhouse.


(Pavlov’s comment: “Alright, time for some hurricane sketch pages! Have a penis with some pretty flowers.

This can count for Smut Sunday!”)


Dancing Pan WIP 2

Shortened the torso and arms, made the arse less feminine, started refining muscles and trying out leg hair texture. Still haven’t decided on an angle for the head. I brought some wax-clay home to make a couple of different heads. I think we’re getting a male model in next week to help those who are making male figures.

I’m thinking about the metal to cast him in. I don’t think dark bronze will be right this time. I had visions of stainless steel, with a combination of rough and smooth-shiny textures, but because of the pouring temperature of steel and the thinness of the ankle the metal will have to run through, he’d have to be done in two parts and welded together, which leaves the door open a bit wider for Mr Cockup, and I’m starting to get the impression that in metal casting that door is open wide enough already! So maybe green bronze — similar colour to the wax — or aluminium, which is light and cheap and pours easily and can still look pretty shiny. I want him to be an outdoor piece, so I think it’d be cool if he glittered a bit in the sun and reflected his surroundings.

pan01 pan02 pan03 pan04

ETA: Arse still too female. Looking at Robert Mapplethorpe pics for reference. No, no that one. I may also need to change the tilt of the pelvis. Though I should be writing, I’ve got a yen to go back in today and work on it some more.


Real dragon

So: flying dragons are real! Just tiny. Draco volans, native to the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia and around 20 cm long, glides with the wings attached to its long, movable ribs — so it has wings and four limbs. How far it can glide ranges from 8 metres to a wind-assisted 50 metres depending on which website you read. It can’t sustain powered flight, but give evolution some time and who knows? D. volans in flight.


The Girl in the Abstract Bed

“There once was a girl named Nicole Pennsylvania Snow
who, when she was ten months old,
slept in an abstract bed
designed and decorated for her by a famous artist.”

1954 book by Vance Bourjaily and Tobias Schneebaum, about the baby daughter of hipster parents, with a Reactionary Grandmother. It’s awesome. Illustrator Stephen Kroninger has scans on his Drawger blog. (via 50 Watts)



Kooky is a film by Jan Sverak about a boy who is forced to throw away his teddy bear, and the adventures he imagines the discarded bear having in a forest inhabited by strange creatures. The film combines live action, puppets and stop motion, with puppets and props designed by Jakub Dvorsky, the founder of Amanita Design, creators of the wonderful game Machinarium.

By the looks of the trailer, the film’s going to be a delight (or rather, is a delight in the Czech Republic, where it has already been released, and will be a delight for English speakers when the English-dubbed version gets distribution). There’s also an illustrated e-book of Kooky, sample pages at Amanita.

Kooky at imdb, Wikipedia


Dancing Pan WIP

This is the big Pan I’ve started working on. These photos show the brown wax clay being replaced with green wax. I’ve put on a more detailed temporary head, and realised that the arms are too long and I’ll need to cut and re-bend the armature, as well as add bulk to the legs and do a zillion other things. I’m trying to get the pose to look good from every angle and thinking his head might need to be flung back and/or twisted more.

WIP shots:
bigpan01 bigpan02 bigpan03 bigpan04

In the dusk with the light behind him!


Goldilocks on the Enterprise

Last night I dreamed I was on the Enterprise and had to choose which crew member’s bedroom to sleep in. Kirk’s was too messy. McCoy’s and Scotty’s didn’t appeal either; one was too neat, I can’t remember what was wrong with the other. Spock’s was, surprisingly, nearly as messy as Kirk’s, but had a Chesterfield-like padding in red brocade on the floor, like some strange bordello, which I went for. Whatever the meaning of this dream might be, I’m not sure I want to know.


Linden Gledhill

Heh, I was going to do a weekly or monthly art feature. I should never, ever say that I will do anything on a regular basis.

But I still want to try. I think I’ll try posting about just one artist at a time. Linden Gledhill is a biochemist and photographer. His images of water-based paint splashes with shapes made by sound from a speaker remind me of Murano glass, rainbow icecream and strange things in the sea. There are loads more at his Flickr page. His pictures of ferrofluid are also amazing. (And I love this badass-looking steam loco. )

Street art in Reims and Vienna; Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan (and what’s wrong with a giant rubber bouncy ball, ye dismal critics?); Bizzarie di Varie Figure (strange drawings from 1624) by Giovanni Battista Bracelli, via Jahsonic’s Microblog; and a figure disgorging a crab claw (rest of crab to follow?) by Caterina Silenzi (more of her work here and here).