Strangely random topiary


<3 this, from here. Its pre-tumblr provenance is, as so often, a mystery. I’d rather like to know the story.

3 thoughts on “Strangely random topiary

  1. I’m uncouth, I ‘aven’t seen it! (Watching preview now, it does look purdy.) Only Kenneth Anger’s Eaux d’Artifice, which was fountains rather than topiary (and when I went to Tivoli it all looked smaller, because he had a dwarf…) but ever since I’ve wanted someone to make a feature-length garden-based epic, with topiary, and boscage, and pleached allees and decrepit aristocrats… Gorgeous like Russian Ark, but more outdoors.

    …an arcade of ancient limes at the end of which a terrace broadened, descending to the Romanesque swimming pool where le Duc reclined on a lilo, staring up at the doomed emptiness of the sky. He swallowed another quaalude. The topiaries were symmetrical, like trousers. Le Duc liked symmetry. He wondered if death would be symmetrical with life…

  2. I rather like Kenneth Anger. But then I’m an old hippy. As for Last Year in Marienbad: it’s both pretentious and utterly unforgettable. I’ve always found that the opening scene — in which we follow a camera through the endless corridors of an empty, baroque hotel, accompanied by a drone-like voice-over and haunting organ music — strangely erotic. I say strangely, because we encounter nothing in that scene except corridors punctuated by closed doors, mirrors, and paintings. Indeed, the whole film seems to me charged with an eerie, sterile, eroticism, in which countless fetishized examples of symmetry embody a morbid sexual charge.

    A garden-based epic would be suitably cheap to film!

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