The inspiring Prince Dado Ruspoli

Yesterday I happened to turn on the TV and there was actually something interesting on, a documentary about the jetset of the 60s. I looked up one or two names, and happened across Prince Dado Ruspoli (obituary here), one of the few playboys of that era who didn’t die young. Quite a guy…

On opium and heroin (“the difference between ritual and suicide”)

Moments with Papa Dado 1 & 2


Pan – home stretch

Crap photos, but here he is with head and hands. The hands are sitting on top of his arms because they’ll be cast separately and I have no way to attach them right now.

I still need to make the pipes, and his ears, horns and hair, mould his forearms and do a few little things here and there around his body — which isn’t as much as it sounds, though the hair could be fiddly. I’ve done a trial run of moulding the pipes around toothpicks, and it seems to work.

Right now he’s got a couple of Shiva-esque flying locks of hair. I’m quite tempted to mould them properly over wire and keep them.

And I need to get a rock. My teacher said it’s much better to find a rock than try to make your own. You get a rock, then put a bit of wax on it to make it look less exactly like a real rock, and presto, you have a nice rock with minimal hassle.

He has bits of armature sticking out of him, but I can fix that in the next stage.




I also made this head out of the yellow wax and played with the head and Pan’s hands: