Sophie Woodrow

Came across ceramic artist Sophie Woodrow’s work on Bunnylicious. Her figures appeal to me greatly, as does this from her artist statement: “Sophie’s sculptures are not visitors from other worlds, but the ‘might-have-beens’ of this world.” I find many of her pieces have a compelling innocence; others seem more fey and self-aware. Shaped like containers, they seem to invite us to speculate on or intuit what’s inside them.



She’s been a WIP for ages. Tricky because she’s so small and the wax is quite soft. I gave myself a deadline to finish her before I went away (back to Australia again for a few weeks soon), so she’s as good as I could make her in the time I had. I made some things carefully, like her feet, and kept a couple of irregularities on purpose (her ears). She has paws instead of hands. She’ll be cast and given a pale patina, as I’ve seen some pictures of whitish patinas that look lovely, and I’d like to see them ‘in the flesh’.

jenny01 jenny02

I want to try to come up some more adventurous imagery. Rosehead would be a good one to make. I’m not that good at thinking of new forms. I can do collage-y things, figures with mixed-up parts, but I tend to be rather literal in how I think of the parts themselves, and I’d like to break out of that and get a bit more expressive if I possibly can.


Pan – nearly done

His arms still need work, some of which might have to be done in the hard wax, and I need to settle on a style for the leg fur — it can get more abstract or more literal in places, but atm it’s a bit too diverse — and the hair needs to be better. And a few other things, but I think all of the really tricky stuff is done.

I need to think about where to go after this. I’ve got a few small pieces to finish up, but aside from those, what’s next? I like detail and a decorative quality, but I also like bold work like that of Dylan Lewis, and want to try working rougher, or mingling the rough and the smooth. I also want to improve my knowledge of anatomy. That seems vital, whatever style you’re making figures in (abstraction doesn’t really appeal to me). I’ve got a long list of things I want to make, but I’m especially fond of the blindfolded head with the hands, and think it could be an interesting image to explore. As an exercise, I might try working with that figure in a few different styles and poses.