Mad Ancestor cover mockups

I’ve settled on a colour/texture/font scheme:

with the layout basically like this (the new Kindle format is narrow):

If I include the scarf on the green/peach one I think it will be quite diaphanous with a few roses.

This was another look I tried —

— but I prefer the coloured background and fancier font. So I’ll see what I can do on that next week.

Also, Pan is really ready this time – collecting him Sunday.

ETA: Hmm, the more I look at the blue/yellow scheme the more I like it. The green one is very retro, but the yellow one is a mix of retro and modern that’s probably more in keeping with the stories.

ETA2: Yeah, the yellow one. Why is it so hard to decide on things?


Kyoko Imazu

I remember seeing one of Kyoko Imazu’s marvellous paper cutouts at Flinders Street Station a couple of (a few?) years ago. The other day I came across her website. Her work appeals to me greatly, with its whimsical, pensive and sometimes macabre moods, and all the rabbits — art is one place where you can never have too many rabbits. Her incredibly skillful paper cuts are whole dreamlands unto themselves.

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