This week

Lots to do this week. Finish Mad Ancestor’s cover, write story notes, and do as much as I can on Pan’s wax model. I repaired the rock today — put a slab of wax in the toaster oven to soften it, and applied it to the seams and the couple of damaged spots. To regain the rock texture I used one of the bits of broken concrete I used as a texture stamp on the original, with cling wrap over it to prevent concrete crumbs from getting in the wax.

Here he’s holding the pipes — in the final piece they won’t be touching his chin. The way he looks lying down on the bubble wrap makes me want to try a recumbent figure. Also, Gary and Jenny (the little horse man and rabbit girl) are cast, just waiting now for cleanup and patina.




Blackwork engravings

From BibliOdyssey. I’m especially enamoured of the grotesque panel by Matthias Beutler and the two prints by Valentin Sezenius — the angel appearing to a shepherd, and Perseus and Andromeda. Below those on this page is a nice creepy Nativity also by Sezenius, with a shepherd poking the Christ child’s head with a stick and a disembodied head hovering above the manger as disembodied heads do. As curator Anne Puetz at the British Museum remarks, these works by Beutler and Sezenius have an “appearance of chinoiserie avant la lettre”. To my eyes Sezenius in particular is a rather fascinating blender of styles.

Grotesque panel, Matthias Beutler

Angel appearing to a shepherd, Valentn Sezenius

Perseus and Andromeda, Valentin Sezenius

Nativity, Valentin Sezenius


A satyr by Austin Osman Spare, via The Cabinet of the Solar Plexus. What I really found intriguing, though, was the quote with the picture: “By turning my head involuntary… I can always see my alter ego, familiars or the gang of elementals that partly constitute my being.” (From Refractions: Fallen Visionary Ed. Stephen Pochin, Jerusalem Press 2012.)



Giving the brain a breather

Couple of articles from Psychology Today on the useful behaviour of rested and distracted brains. It’d be good to know what kinds of distractions work best — I’d be surprised if all distractions were equal.


Resin Pan

This is the resin model — backup in case something happens to the mould — sans pipes, which will be attached later. There’s a wax model from the same mould that I need to clean up (and stick back together — it fell over and turned itself into a proper ruined statue! Only a few pieces, though –) for the casting.

More pics on the sculpture page. I’m thinking a lightish patina, or if it can be done, a light green/white shading to a slightly darker green on the legs. I might get it cast in bronze resin for the sake of price and weight — not sure yet.