Interfictions call for submissions

Via Sofia Samatar’s blog (see link for more info). Some of you guys might be interested in this:

Interfictions, previously incarnated as two anthologies of interstitial fiction, is launching online in Spring 2013. The new Interfictions: A Journal of Interstitial Arts will publish fiction, nonfiction and poetry, and everything in between. Submissions will be open Feb 1- Feb 28. Pay rates: Fiction, 5 cents/word; Nonfiction, 3 cents/word; Poetry, $20/poem (flat rate).

The fiction editors are editors are Christopher Barzak and Meghan McCarron, and Sofia Samatar is the poetry and nonfiction editor.

Samatar says: ‘I hope I see some prose poems, and some prose/verse mixes. I hope I see some sort of raw essay-writing. You know, stuff that’s as erudite as any academic essay, but takes risks an academic essay never could. Think Reza Negarestani’s The Dust Enforcer. Think Anne Carson’s The Glass Essay. Think weird, wonderful, important writing–ideas that should be Out There. Ideas that ARE Out There.’

Guidelines and submission manager here.



That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote

I did it, by crikey. Finished it yesterday. Should be out on Amazon soon!

Editing was the most time-consuming part by far, then copyediting, then the ebook formatting, which honestly wasn’t too bad. It took a few days, but now I feel like I’m over the learning curve I think I’ll be quicker next time. I kept the formatting very simple. I chose en dashes over em dashes to help with justification, and used them without spaces where they fell at the ends of lines (I think you’re meant to anyway) to keep them sticky and not go floating off on their own. Ellipses got a space after, again for justification’s sake, and I centred the poetry — it became obvious pretty quickly that any other approach was going to be immensely fraught and probably doomed.

This weekend is dedicated to finishing Pan, then next week I need to fix UK Etched City’s ebook formatting, now that I (think I) know how to do it, and do the Amazon pages for TEC and Mad Ancestor. After that, I might toddle up to Nakhon Nayok for a few days.

Story fragments will resume next week.