Getting things done

I’ve done the formatting I needed to do for Mad Ancestor’s paper version. I still can’t decide what to do about medusas/medusae. I don’t know why I get hung up on these little things, but I waste a lot of time on them. I’ll probably just leave it. They’re different stories.

As per Emera’s suggestion, I fixed the blue faun’s arm:


What else? I’ve been reading through my too-many drafts of Gunpowder Tea, a little each day, seeing which bits I think are interesting and which are tedious. Or teadious. It’s going to have to be even more dreamly than I thought, I think. But I’ve got a nice snappy opening paragraph.



Have I done any work today? Umm, not really. But I did finish the faun. Priorities! I traced a reference head. The left arm is still wrong because I couldn’t figure out where it should go — I still think it probably shouldn’t be visible, but that looked funny. My favourite coloured version above, original below.






WIP: Faun

Trying to get better control of my graphics tablet and level up in general. I need a reference for the head, and also, not sure what his left arm’s doing over there in relation to the pipe. But I’m pretty happy with the control of line I got when I tried.




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New Bowie single, album

Was looking up David Bowie because it’s his birthday. After a quiet ten years he’s put out a new song, Where Are We Now?, ahead of an album, The Next Day, to be released in March.

A good start to the year if ever there was one.



Christopher Barzak: Birds and Birthdays

I just bought Christopher Barzak’s Birds and Birthdays, a collection of three stories inspired by paintings by surrealist artists Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Dorothea Tanning, and an essay on the three painters. Really looking forward to reading this!

There’s a review by Karen Burnham at Strange Horizons.

I’m still reading Outlaws of the Marsh. It’s entertaining, but also very long, and I’m a slow reader. I think I’ll have to take a pause for some of the other items in my to-read pile.