Christopher Barzak: Birds and Birthdays

I just bought Christopher Barzak’s Birds and Birthdays, a collection of three stories inspired by paintings by surrealist artists Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Dorothea Tanning, and an essay on the three painters. Really looking forward to reading this!

There’s a review by Karen Burnham at Strange Horizons.

I’m still reading Outlaws of the Marsh. It’s entertaining, but also very long, and I’m a slow reader. I think I’ll have to take a pause for some of the other items in my to-read pile.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Barzak: Birds and Birthdays

  1. I’d like to bring to your attention
    Tainaron: Mail from Another City
    If you have not read them, I think you might like them. Pretty and strange things.

    • Thanks for the recs. I’ve heard good things about both. I’ve read very little fantasy in the last few years — was too upset about struggles with my own imaginary world to want to explore anyone else’s. But that might be easing off.

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