Cyborg Rats

‘A novel experiment that gives rats the ability to “feel” infrared light by hijacking their sense of touch may require scientists to re-evaluate their ideas about how the brain works…’ Article.


Marta Klonowska’s shattered glass animals

Beautiful. At lorch+seidel contemporary, via Bunnylicious.

Klonowska says of her work, which recreates animals from Baroque and Romantic paintings, “My animal figures are part of historical paintings, where they play a secondary role to the sitters. In my art the animals perform as the principal actor. Animals are difficult to understand and it is difficult to communicate with them. My glass animals open therefore a new reality, which is different from ours. The sitters in the painting, the animals and the audience of my art perform in a kind of theatrical stage, where the different levels become indistinct. This clash of realities should make us think about the uncertainties of life.”


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Neat stuff from The Hermetic Library

The Hermetic Library is a kind of wunderkammer of magic(k)- and esoterica-related images, links and music.

Treasure trove found there recently: A Pietà by decadent-y artist Alastair; a Thelemic Valentine’s day card; a charming scene from the Apocalypse; a Rasputin paper doll; the god Hermanubis (‘Herman’ for short?); a lovely dark fairy picture by Hilda Hechle (a couple more Hechle pics here; I love the fairy boat); Saint Dragon and the Knight by Richard Cavolo; and someone wants to preach to you the word of Goat!


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Mad Ancestor update

Turns out I had a lot more formatting to do than I thought. I think I’m done now — and the cover too. I’ll check it all tomorrow, and hopefully it’ll be good to go. (ETA: Oh, except that I forgot to justify the right margin and hyphenate. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t wherever it is.)

Mad Ancestor has two more lovely reviews, from Kirby Crow and Sofia Samatar at Strange Horizons. My humble gratitude to you both, ladies!

On the arm front, rest plus tai chi, Voltaren and a camphorous chartreuse goo have helped a lot. I want to try dictation to see how I go with it, too. I don’t mind if it’s imperfect, as I’m a lousy typist and always have a lot of mistakes to correct anyhow.


‘356 Dead Monks’

I had a dream about a range of bathroom products (Stu: ‘Sounds thrilling.’) called 356 Dead Monks. The bottles were all crimson, decorated with a couple of swooning red-cowled figures and some random flowers and strings of pearls.

I think that qualifies for an ‘idek’.