Slip-cast porcelain

I’ve been looking into slip-cast porcelain as an alternative to bronze. It looks rather promising — something you can do at home, then take to a kiln to be fired. I don’t know where I could buy supplies in Bangkok — I’m sure there’s somewhere, I just don’t know where, or how easy it is to get to — so I might buy some here and take them back. I’ve got a couple of pieces to try making that I don’t think will be terribly difficult — fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Slip-cast porcelain

  1. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your art 🙂 I’m re-reading The Etched City and last night my brother mentioned that a set of Etched City playing cards, the sort of thing Gwynn might pick up in Ashamoil, would be an awesome thing to have. Have you ever considered selling your art, or making Etched City merchandise?

    • I’ve definitely considered selling my art — just haven’t got off my bum and seriously tried it! I’m looking for a cheaper medium than bronze, hence the porcelain. I’ve never really thought of Etched City merchandise, though I like your brother’s idea. If I ever had some spare cash, it’s the kind of thing I might commission someone else to create. The suits could be fetuses, gangsters, sideshow freaks and slum dwellers 🙂

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