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This week Theresa DeLucci gave Mad Ancestor a great review at She mentions something I’ve noticed about my own work:

I read That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote as much in one go as I was able and was struck by how many of these stories, written years apart, echoed sentiments, imagery, and even different facets of the same characters.

I definitely have long-reigning obsessions and a resident gang of characters. I sometimes call them the Flying Circus. There’s a glamorous, dangerous man (Gwynn, Maldoror, the Marquis, the male Alsiso); a male giant (Mouse, Molimus, Hart the strongman, the Beast, and Forage the unicorn guy who I still haven’t got a story for); a woman who is magical, artistic, or at home with the strange (Beth, Melusine, the White Ma’at, Madame Lenora, Beauty, the female Alsiso) and a woman who is more of a seeker, aware of the strange but on the outside looking in (Raule, Joan, Odile, perhaps Vali). I think the second woman potentially becomes the first. The giant is the most mysterious one for me. I guess if the first guy has an aggressive quality, the giant is more defensive or protective. The Beast is transitional. In ‘Mother’s Curtains’, Mother and Father also make a transition into wilder and more glamorous states, though Mother doesn’t lose her domestic streak. Even when I’ve written to prompts, it’s the prompts that lead to these characters that attact me, or else the prompt tends to generate a version of one of them.

I wonder what would happen if I put them all in a share house a la The Young Ones?

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