World Fantasy etc.

Heading off o/s tonight for World Fantasy Convention in Brighton at the end of October, to be followed the next week by a conference on The Weird: Fugitive Fictions/Hybrid Genres at Senate House, University of London, on the 8th November. On the night of the 7th there’s a reading at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, with M. John Harrison, Hal Duncan, Lisa L. Hannett, Helen Marshall and me, and Robert Kingham will be giving a talk on Weird Bloomsbury. The conference and the reading night look like they’ll both be great. Tickets are available here. Before WFC Stu and I will have a few days in Bavaria, seeing Munich and King Ludwig’s castles, and between my two events I’ll be dossing down in the New Forest. I’m hugely looking forward to all of it. Now I have to go and do a million things that I should have done yesterday!

N.B. I won’t be taking my computer, so emails will mostly be by phone.