In Munich and at the Lair

Greetings from Munich, where I’ve been tripping out on Rococo palaces and resisting — on a daily basis! — cream donuts, though I’ve succumbed to chocolate. Weather has been lovely — today the only grey day so far, and it should be clearing again tomorrow, when we’re off to Fussen to make the acquaintance of King Ludwig’s castles. I didn’t know until recently how new they are; basically he was a 19th century constitutional monarch who wanted to be Louis XIV — a romantic dreamer who, being king, had the means to live his dreams on a grand scale, though his extravagance nearly bankrupted the Bavarian state — which, however, is now doing rather nicely out of his legacy.

In other news, it’s my turn to be featured at the Lair of the Evil Drs. Brain, aka Angela Slatter and Lisa Hannett. Check out the interview with a squee-inducing illustration by Kathleen Jennings.


4 thoughts on “In Munich and at the Lair

  1. But logic demands that you consume a Bavarian cream donut while inside of a Bavarian cream (or at least confected in some sense) castle, no?

    Manti has flapper friends!!!

    • I may have missed my chance to be so logical — cream donuts were everywhere in Munich, but here in Fussen there are only jam donuts; though the castles here, too, are perhaps more jam than cream. (The churches, however, are creamy — they’re like wondrous iced cakes turned inside out, complete with legions of marzipan-like putti.)

      Hence his Noel Coward smoking jacket!

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