New digs

So far I’m loving the new house. It’s quiet not just by Bangkok standards but by just about any standards. It’s shaded downstairs nearly all the way around, with a lot of windows, so that it’s light, but with only one room receiving direct light. There’s potentially excellent airflow, but we’ll need flywire first, not only for protection against mozzies but against giant wasps like the one that flew in when we tried leaving the windows open!

Locally there are a couple of excellent restaurants, and also several plant nurseries, where I went on an expedition yesterday for the makings of a potted garden, coming back with a dark red bromeliad, four small maniltoas (ETA hmm…or maybe they’re not… ETA 2 ok, they’re mussaendas), some interesting things whose names I don’t know, and an English rose with a lovely scent. I also found an Easter lily vine to replace the one we had to leave behind at the old house (I took a cutting, but it didn’t work). If the new one grows like the old one we’ll be up to our necks and well beyond in Easter lily in no time.

Today I bought bigger pots for a couple of the potbound things I brought here, including a woody vine — or vine-like tree — that seems scarce indeed in nurseries, and not that common in gardens. I have no idea what it is. It puts out big, whitish trumpet flowers with a sweet scent. The people at the nurseries didn’t recognise it by my crappy drawing, so I must remember to bring a photo next time. I can see why it might not be a popular plant, as the flowers don’t last long and turn into wilted yellow bags when they die — and as it grows big it would be hard to cut away the dead ones. Of course, I don’t mind the look of decay. I like to think it isn’t just morbibity on my part, but an appreciation for signs of age and time passing in a garden. Or maybe it’s just morbidity. Anyway, I’d better look after the one I’ve got, which has been surviving quite well on neglect but has stayed small. Hopefully a bigger pot and some non-neglect will encourage it to grow.

The site I linked to for the maniltoas, Medusa’s Garden, is a wonderful resource for discovering fancy plants, or if you just enjoy garden porn.


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  1. The house sound lovely. I’m glad you’re all moved in for the New Year. I hope it’s wonderful for you!

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