Pan – finished!

Here he is at last. The patina was hard to photograph; I think the second picture is more accurate. It’s been such a long time to see him finished, and I haven’t attempted anything as complicated since. That said, finally seeing him done has put a bit of a gust back in my sails.



8 thoughts on “Pan – finished!

  1. He is SO beautiful, and from every angle. I quite like how the patina highlights his collarbones and the tendons in his neck, and the malachite (?) base is lush, too. Congratulations – I can’t imagine the feeling of finally getting to see the product of so many months’ work like this. Where/how are you going to display him??

    • Thank you!! I think I’m mostly feeling relieved that he turned out ok XD. The base is just green marble, but I think it’s nice too. He’s been sold, so I’ll have another cast for myself. I’ll probably put mine in the garden, either on a small pillar or in the middle of a water pot with lillies — and reeds for making pipes 🙂

      • “He’s been sold”
        Oooh, secondary congratulations! Is this the first time you’ve sold a sculpture?

        “mostly feeling relieved”
        I hear that 😛

        A perfect locale – with any luck the reeds will perhaps also stimulate spontaneous generation of river nymphs (as I’m told they do) to keep Pan company…

  2. PAN! Welcome to the world, Pan. 🙂 I’ve been watching his creation so long that I feel like I know him.

    Truly a beautiful piece, and I see YOU SOLD HIM OMG! Congrats!

  3. I should remember to check your blog. He’s done! He’s wonderful! He’s everything perfect 🙂 I hope he loves his new home – whoever bought him has great wisdom.

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