Safety valve

Re last post, I feel bad when I use blog as safety valve, but there’s no denying it clears the air in my head.

I’ve cast three wax babies today, with a fourth cooling now. My plan is to give them to different foundries, to be cast in different metals (brass and bronze, and maybe aluminium) and see which comes out the best.

These are the best waxes I’ve made so far. They should need far less attention than the ones from the foundry. However, they’re solid. If I want to cast waxes for larger pieces I need to learn the ways of hollow casting — which, as far as my research tells me, means painting the wax into a two-part mould: way more labour-intensive than pouring, though whether moreso than repairing crummy waxes I don’t know. Another other way is to pour wax in and out of the mould, building up layers, but the risk of ending up with very thin sections is greater. A third way is rotational casting using a machine — or, as Stu suggested, securing the mould inside a cylindrical object like a rubbish bin or flower pot and rolling it around. It’ll only do one axis, but that might be enough. Gonna try it!

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