Alsiso at Lightspeed

Just a heads up to say that my story Alsiso, written for Andrew Hook’s The Alsiso Project and reprinted in That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote, is now available online in the April issue of Lightspeed Magazine. Lightspeed, which publishes both SF and fantasy (it merged with Fantasy Magazine in 2012), is a free e-zine, but if you subscribe or buy their ebooks there’s an exclusive novella reprint in each e-book isssue.

One cool feature of the magazine is its Author Spotlight interviews, where authors get to talk in-depth about their stories. Mine, by Jude Griffin, is here. I must say it felt quite pampering to have a whole interview for one story, and it’s nice to get a look inside other writers’ heads at a detailed level. I’m not one of those people who thinks that the author is dead. I do believe that context and the author’s intentions count for something, and I find my reading experience tends to be enhanced when some of the background to a piece of fiction is filled in.

2 thoughts on “Alsiso at Lightspeed

  1. I agree on the interviews. Last year, I really dove into the whole writing scene, podcasts, interviews, cons, all at once. It’s so overwhelming, way too much to absorb, but focusing more deeply on fewer authors had made it more engaging, and more beneficial to me as a writer. The journey’s not complete for the author or the reader without some interaction for the other, I feel.

    I’m jazzed up to see Alsiso pop up on the Lightspeed feed on my Kindle. I’m always shopping around your work. I read slush for them, and dig their taste and their love of interviews. Cheers!

    • “The journey’s not complete for the author or the reader without some interaction for the other, I feel.”

      I feel something like that too. I think about the pre-literate beginnings of fiction — yarns around the campfire, bedtime stories, wandering bards, travellers sharing tales on the road. There’s a personal meeting between the teller and the audience. Any meeting with a story is a meeting with its author, possibly quite an intimate meeting.

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