Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…

Well, not dangers, except for some hot wax and sharp knives. But I must have said it was going to be a piece of cake, as technical difficulties haven’t exactly hung back shyly in the wings. Anyway, Mino is now at this point:


I cast the bricks in wax because they were pretty rough looking and covered in blobs of glue, and the wax is easier to clean up than the paperclay the originals were made of. The base is made of slightly softer wax than the bricks, so I was able to leave it out in the sun until the brown wax softened, then press the bricks into it (the flat part of the base acquiring some blisters in the process! Don’t know if I’ll be able to flatten them without making it worse — might have to leave them and call it added character). What remains is make sure all the bricks are 100% sealed to the base so that there are no gaps underneath them for silicone to flow into.

I also finished Squashy’s mould and poured some waxes. The wax just doesn’t want to flow into the tips of the horns. I thought it would be ok, as they’re right at the bottom of the mould, but I guess it’s too hard for trapped air to get out. There are a couple of things I can try, and if they don’t work I’ll have to decide between individually repairing each piece’s horns, or casting the horns separately in two-piece moulds that I can paint the wax into. I suspect the first option will be faster.




Things in the garden #6

I pruned the allamandas and mussaendas this morning, cutting some of their branches right back to see how (and if) they regrow, and moved the rose to a less scorching position. The neighbours watered our garden while we are away, and they moved the daturas right into the shade, where they are looking much happier. The last purple flower was mottled with white, and this white flower is mottled with mauve — rather pretty. I’m not sure if it’s the same plant.


I have no idea why this is happening. I thought you had to take the seed from a cross-pollinated flower and plant it in order to get a hybrid; I can’t see how plants could produce mixed specimens on the fly. So maybe the purple-flowered plant is reverting to white, or it has something to do with the soil? (Or too heavy a load of skin whitening creams washing into BKK’s water supply?)

Here’s the solandra making a move on the porch:


And the Easter lily’s progress:



Group photo:


Having said that I’ve all but shed allegiance to appearances in favour of a growing interest in comfort — PANTS!


These pants are everywhere this year. I’ve seen them mostly in black & white and blue & white designs (of which I’ve also bought several pairs), but lately I’ve been happening across more in fabrics like these. They’re perfect: lightweight, loose without being baggy, and generally come in one size which, by some miracle, happens to be mine. They’re about $4 a pair. I’m trying to stock up on enough to last the rest of my life. These ones all come from a manufacturer called Hong Jin. As they’re fairly central I might drop by their address and see if they have a sales outlet there.


And the gods smiled

I was fully expecting a dud mould and a damaged model. Instead, little Mino came through almost unscathed and the mould gives excellent results. My heartfelt thanks to any and all kind spirits who may have been blessing the enterprise. I’ve poured two test copies in different kinds of wax, and I think they’re good enough that I could simply give the mould to the foundry, rather than one of the copies to make a mould from; there’s really no need to make another mould until this one gives up the ghost. I could also consider pouring the waxes myself, but they’re going to send me photos of Faun and the birds’ waxes tomorrow, so I’ll decide then. If they look like they’re doing a good job I’ll trust them with Mino, since I’d rather be doing things other than mucking around with saucepans of molten wax.

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Back in BKK after a brief visit to Oz. Been cold for two weeks, now I’m hot…

For a few days I’ll be quite busy finishing off little Mino’s maze and trying to get a hard wax or resin copy of him to take to the foundry, rather than use the perilously soft original model. After that, things should be a bit less rushed on the sculpture front, as I’ll be pretty much out of time for making models for Loncon — though I might still be able to do some in cold-cast bronze, or save foundry time by pouring the waxes myself.

After Mino’s done, I plan to experiment with resin and with porcelain slip casting, and to spend time on one or two projects that have had to hang around on the back burner.

As far as the porcelain goes, I’m getting more and more of a yen to make a BJD, but I’m not going to start with such an ambitious project. I’ll be making simple things first!

Yet again I’m telling myself I should get on Twitter, or Tumblr, or something a bit more connected than this blog, so perhaps I will be brave and do that…