Back in BKK after a brief visit to Oz. Been cold for two weeks, now I’m hot…

For a few days I’ll be quite busy finishing off little Mino’s maze and trying to get a hard wax or resin copy of him to take to the foundry, rather than use the perilously soft original model. After that, things should be a bit less rushed on the sculpture front, as I’ll be pretty much out of time for making models for Loncon — though I might still be able to do some in cold-cast bronze, or save foundry time by pouring the waxes myself.

After Mino’s done, I plan to experiment with resin and with porcelain slip casting, and to spend time on one or two projects that have had to hang around on the back burner.

As far as the porcelain goes, I’m getting more and more of a yen to make a BJD, but I’m not going to start with such an ambitious project. I’ll be making simple things first!

Yet again I’m telling myself I should get on Twitter, or Tumblr, or something a bit more connected than this blog, so perhaps I will be brave and do that…

11 thoughts on “Plans

  1. They dragged me kicking and screaming to Twitter a few months ago…and amazingly, I don’t regret it 🙂

    (I’m still cold)

    Good luck with Mino 🙂

  2. Also living in SE asia I need to return to Australia once or twice a year from spring to autumn just for the bliss of deep, deep sleep in cool weather without the steamy air, sweat, mozzies or aircon.

    • I’ve found I have to get back to Australia or elsewhere out of these latitudes twice a year, otherwise I go (literally) troppo. Usually I would have escaped the heat a bit sooner and caught balmier autumn weather in Oz. And oh, yes, the sleep of cool and silent nights!

  3. The ‘other’ KJBishop (on Twitter) describes herself as: ‘God fearing mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend! I am a proud supporter of our US military and this great country. God Bless America!’ Check out my ‘other’ on Wikipedia. (And there’s a story there that I’ll have to relate some day.)

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