The two squashies and egg are ready for the foundry, so all the pieces I’m planning to take to LonCon are done. I might have missed the boat with these last three, but we’ll see.

I had a go at cold cast bronze. When it comes out of the mould it looks like brown plastic, and has to be sanded back to reveal the goldy colour of the bronze.  I’ll need to at least add black dye to the resin to make the unpolished areas darker, and if using patina I might have to sand the whole piece. I don’t know yet whether the time spent sanding and finishing will be worth it.

I do want to try cold casting with marble and porcelain powder. Not to mention glow in the dark pigment…

Meanwhile, I’ve tried casting a two-colour squashy. It didn’t quite work as planned… I like the second one, which is the phone seeing things. I couldn’t repair the horns, so the only option is to file them down.




Found a cool Tumblr site, beinArt Collective, founded by Jon Beinart, devoted to strange figurative art.

I also want to mention Arch Enemy Arts, a Philadelphia gallery which puts out calls to artists for themed exhibitions. The current one is “Artificial Intelligence”, deadline 11 July, details here. Arch Enemy “is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists focusing on lowbrow, pop surrealism, realism, decorative, figurative, urban, macabre and narrative style art in a wide range of mediums.”

And finally…


Could mental cheese be the precipitate of brain fog?

2 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Congratulations, foundry-master!!

    Bicolor squashy makes me intensely nostalgic for childhood days of flipping through mail-order toy catalogues full of bright plastic swans and monkeys and little white furry dogs that barked if you put batteries in them. And I actually had thought that the broken horns were deliberate – it seems to fit their lumpen yet inquisitive look. 🙂 (They seem like they would be prone to tumbling into minor scrapes and troubles…)

    Thanks very much for the link to Arch Enemy! I wish I hadn’t missed their “Fauna” exhibition from last year, but I’ll be mulling on the AI exhibit call.

    precipitate of brain fog
    It seems only likely – close in consistency to earwax, but with considerably more fugitive alchemical properties?

    • The squashies (dammit, but they are real in my mind) might be like axolotls, delicate but good at regeneration. I think it looks like a toy too! I want to try casting them in flexible rubber with bright dyes. And leave the casting lines, because proper plastic toys have them…

      > close in consistency to earwax, but with considerably more fugitive alchemical properties?
      Yes! And a yucky yellow colour. I think at any time the contents of my brain are about 50% mental cheese.

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