For the first time since I was about 15 I didn’t have coffee this morning. Instead, I had a cup of Twinings Assam Bold tea.

I only discovered Assam Bold on my last trip to Australia. It’s a delicious, full-flavoured cuppa, and I’ve found that it’s a good tea to drink when I’m working. It’s strong enough to deliver a noticeable pick-me-up effect, without any of the jitters coffee can bring.

I’m only a very moderate coffee drinker, mostly sticking to two cups a day and drinking tea the rest of the time, but since I’m prone to anxiety, bad nerves, fatigue and insomnia, I’ve been wondering for a while whether filling up the tank with coffee as soon as I stagger out of bed might be starting the day on the wrong foot. However, facing said day without both the caffeine and the comfort of a hot cup of brown milky liquid has always been too dreadful to contemplate.

Three hours after my cup of tea, I’m not as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I would be after coffee, but I’m nowhere near the rather horrid state I’d normally have descended to if I’d had no coffee, either.

I am, however, craving another cup, though this time I want Russian Caravan, my regular go-to tea.

It’s now evening and I’ve had 3 cups of tea today, and no coffee, and I’m ok. Curious whether I’ll sleep better than usual.

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  1. I hope it works out for you. For me, tea keeps me awake longer than coffee. If I want good sleep, I can’t have coffee after 5 PM. But I can’t have tea after 2 PM. Even though it’s less caffeine, it stays with me longer.

    • I can’t drink coffee at night, either, and after dark I stick with herbal peppermint tea. But I’d never even thought about tea possibly having a longer effect. Hmm…

  2. I find Chinese jasmine tea or Chinese green tea can give a stronger kick than coffee if you leave the teabag in for a while, and if you swill it around the mouth for a moment it comes on quickly through the glands under the tongue. I find it more effective than coffee if you need to work late into the night and feels nicer to drink than coffee at that time of day. I sometimes leave half a cup at night and take a mouthful or two of the cold tea in the morning before going out the door. Love Russian Caravan too but its hard to get around here.

    • I’ll have to see if it works that way for me. I crave something with a cozier flavour in the morning, but cold green tea makes a good daytime drink. As yet I haven’t found Russian Caravan or Assam Bold here, but I need to investigate some more supermarkets. There’s all kinds of loose leaf tea here — I mixed black tea and lapsang souchong for a homemade RC — but I like the convenience of tea bags.

  3. Interesting to hear how you’re faring with less coffee. *counts the 18 boxes of tea in her cabinet* I might like tea a little. 😀 Assam is a fabulous tea, but I have to stick with pale green before breakfast, or something like iced light chai. My favorite brand in the US is Numi tea, which is a little pricey as far as everyday tea goes (c’mon, I buy black tea for iced tea in the 100 pack) but whatever their process is, it renders a very smooth, non-bitter cup, whatever the type. My favorites: (Numi) gunpowder green, white rose, honeybush, aged earl grey, jasmine green

    Like every American, I like Starbucks coffee *g* but I limit to 2-3 cups a week, sticking to iced green tea or juice blends the rest of the time. Right now I’m using the Tribute blend in a French press and making it into iced coffee for hot afternoons. They make a cool lime Refresher with green coffee extract that tastes like a non-alcoholic mojito, for a change, and I grow a ton of mint and blackberries and make my own dried blend.

    I might just be a little invested in my drinks. :)

    • I’m still ok, just a bit of a headache. It would be a good deal harder without strong tea on hand! I did lapse for one day when I was especially tired in the morning. I haven’t noticed a significant difference in either anxiety or insomnia, but I’m giving it time.
      What I really love is masala chai, but it’s a bother to make and teabags don’t come close, so I only get it at Indian restaurants — not often enough!

      • For myself, my anxiety and insomnia are tied to hormonal upswings/downswings much more than sugar or caffeine. Coffee has a good side and a bad side for me: I love the flavor and how it makes my brain feel, but not my body. *sigh* I’m ready to be a cyborg. How ’bout you?

        You might like this gallery. :) http://forestrogers.com/

        • wish I knew what my anxiety and insomnia were tied to… I’ve had the anxiety since my mid-30s, and the sleep problems for longer. Actually, I’ve been a bit of a worrywort for about as long as I can remember. Looking at my family, I think some of mine might be genetic. But I also think my hormones have been slowly changing for a few years (how tiny is the window between the end of puberty and the start of menopause?! Seems like about 5 minutes…) I love the flavour of coffee too, and the kick of it in the morning. But I’m going to try and stay off it for another week and see what happens. Sign me up for the cyborg club! I shall be a giant mecha hot beverage dispenser.

          Oh wow, her work is beautiful! Her creations have such lovely faces. I especially like the harpy with the mask, and the Versailles fish lady. Her old women are terrific, too. Thanks for the link :-) Makes me want to try that Kato clay…

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