Loncon and after

I’ll be at Loncon from 14 -18 August, and attending a workshop at the Sculpture School in the Buckinghamshire town of Wendover at the end of the month. In between I’ll be loitering in the Chilterns, rambling through woods and hopefully doing some walks on the Ridgeway, and generally revelling in England’s green and pleasant land.

I note that in Wendover there’s Rumsey’s Chocolaterie, tantalisingly reviewed here. Don’t have to wonder what I’ll be eating, do I?


4 thoughts on “Loncon and after

  1. I just realised I do not get the Chocolaterie. This is very wrong.

    I will have chocolate at Loncon, on demand. Toffees and sweets for all comers, but fine chocolate for those who ask.

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