And still back

I should have been in Australia by now, but my flight last night got cancelled. Something went wrong with one of the computers in the plane, and we sat on the tarmac for 3 hours or so while they tried to fix it. They turned the plane off and turned it on again, but no joy. Eventually we had to disembark, go through immigration and collect our luggage. As the flight is rescheduled for this evening I went home rather than stay in the hotel provided.

Yesterday morning I took care of some gardening — repotting, and stringing a wire across the porch for the jade vine, which has grown beyond the top of its trellis on the porch post.

This snail was in our garden (and might still be; I just don’t know where). I could hear it eating the crunchy dead leaf.


Since I’ve had a free day I made another snail knight. Please welcome Sir Liloquy, the introspective:


2 thoughts on “And still back

  1. I’ve never heard a snail munch! Somehow I don’t think of them as having… mouths? Teeth? Fangs? But of course they must. Now that my mind is on it, snail fangs are vaguely terrifying.

    But he looks like he’s enjoying the hell out of that leaf. Om nom nom! XD

    • They have a radula, which is like a cheese grater in their mouths — quite terrifying up close! (I learned this recently.) These are pretty big snails, too. I liked the way it looked like he was clasping the precious leaf, though maybe it was just stuck…

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