I wish I could have got a photo of this: two young fairywrens sitting on fence wire in cold weather, one with its wing around the other. Their father was hopping around, looking anxious — you could hear him saying “Get off that bloody fence and come inside where it’s warm!” — and indeed they all flew back to the nest.



I’m back after a great time at Conflux, the Canberra speculative fiction convention. I haven’t been to many conventions, and this was my first small one — quite a contrast from Loncon! It was friendly and relaxed and there was plenty of opportunity to chat to people.

My big news is that “Under Construction”, the sculpture of the little minotaur building a maze, won the E.G. Harvey Award for Australian Speculative Fiction Art, sponsored by the Harvey Australia Foundation. The award came with a beautiful glass trophy (pic below). I’d like to thank the foundation for its generosity, the judges of the award, and the organisers of the convention for all their great efforts!!



Another utterly unexpected outcome of the convention was that I sold all the pieces I exhibited. More thanks to all the people who bought something or who just liked the work. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the positive response to the art I’ve made so far, and in consequence of being overwhelmed am also feeling inarticulate, but basically I’m happy, grateful, and hopeful for the future!

ETA: It seems to be the little fella’s lucky week. He just won equal 2nd prize at the Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Prize in Castlemaine, Vic. Lot 19 is a wonderful art space with studios currently hosting 26 artists, and as well as the Lot 19 prize there are several prizes donated by sponsors. I’m a bit knocked over as it was an excellent show and I didn’t really rate myself with a chance. The winning piece was the delicate, tender abstract work “New Life Hanging in the Balance” by Domenica Wallace, and Jane Creenaune won the other second prize with her bronze “Semaphore III”.