The snail knights are coming along slower than I’d expected, but perhaps I shouldn’t have expected snails to be fast? Here are a few pics, anyway — Sir Enity, Sir Vivor, and Sir Prize-party. They’re at the “nearly done, just some fiddling left” stage, which has the tendency to draw out like the heat death of my own pocket universe. Sir P-P’s plumes might changeĀ  — I’d like to see how they look with a little more movement. Sir Cumnavigator will be next, and those four will do for now.









I love this cover for The Victorian Railways Magazine, November 1925, by F. (Frank) Hedley Sanders (b. 1902). If my writing is sometimes steampunkish, I need look no further for explanation than my upbringing as the daughter of a steam railways fanatic…

I can’t find much about Sanders online. He seems to have been best known for his illustrations for Home Beautiful, having been described by writer Peter Cuffley as “the man who captured, with pencil, pen and brush, the Australian ideals of house and home” (though he was American-trained).

The electric train with its calm and cosy lighted windows has the higher ground, but the steam engine — that gutsy, barbarian, oh-so-nearly-alive edifice of moving parts — thunders forth from Pluto’s realm puffing, “There can be only one!!”