William James Broadhurst

Australian photographer William James Broadhurst, found on Booooooom.com.

His photos of suburbia and country towns capture the mood I often feel in those places. I can’t put a name to it. It’s lonely but homely. The soul can rest there, but what is it resting on?

I came across this quote recently, and I think it suits:

The function of the imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make settled things strange.

G. K. Chesterton

I think there’s a feeling of strangeness that can only arise in relation to the familiar and the homely, though exactly what prompts it I don’t know. Maybe it’s related to the sense of time passing, the knowledge that the familiar will change into the unfamiliar. If something is already unfamiliar, that sense of pathos-inflected unease won’t arise. Or maybe it’s something else. One of those elusive shades of emotion, tricky to pin down.



Ducks Amok etc.

A couple more options for green duck:



Then this happened…


For a while I’ve wanted to make some rings. Finally got down to it. Made the mask in soft wax then a copy in hard wax. There was quite a bit of shrinkage, but it looks better smaller. Next step is to take it down to the jewellery district and ask about getting it cast. I reckon it’d look good in a brutish sort of metal / finish, like iron or a rusty looking patina.

bauta ring 01

bauta ring 02

This is hopefully the start of something:

old face01


Plague Ducktor and Friends

Plague Ducktor now has two pals, both wearing protection against noxious bathtime gases. I’m not happy with the versions of the green duck’s mask that I’ve made so far — the first one is way too blank-eyed skully, and the second isn’t cute enough either.



Before the mask…


Another option.



WIP: Blindfold Guy

I made him a blindfold out of wax that I wasn’t entirely happy with, so decided to try actual fabric. I painted the fabric with shellac to make it mouldable, and it was ok; the silicone gripped it but didn’t adhere. I want more wrinkles than this blindfold has, though. I suspect I’ll end up doing a cast of the fabric blindfold and finishing it off in wax, but first I want to try a couple of other ideas. Need to figure out exactly how his hands will be placed, too.

Blindfold Guy 07

Blindfold Guy 02

Blindfold Guy 05

Blindfold Guy 03


WIP: The Great EscApe

Just getting started on this. I poked wire inside nylon cord to make the rope, but decided the rope was too thick, so I’ve bought some thinner cord and started the wire shoving again. The ape will eventually, I hope, be recognisable as an orangutan.

I painted a bit of the cord with shellac and made a test silicone mould. Unexpectedly it worked fine. So this piece is go, and I can start monkeying around properly with the ape.

(ETA: I just cast some of the cord without shellac and it’s fine too. I thought the silicone would get in between all the strands in the cord, but it doesn’t. While I had the silicone out I also cast a leaf. Fun!)

Great EscApe01

Great EscApe02

Great EscApe03

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The Leaf Sheep Nudibranch

Apparently the adorableometer goes up to 11.

Via The Featured Creature:


The little wonder of nature above is the sea slug Costasiella kuroshimae, appropriately dubbed the “leaf sheep” by Featured Creature’s owner Carly Brooke. A few millimetres long, it grazes on algae. It was first discovered at Kuro Island in the Yaeyama islands in the Ryukyu Archipelago between Japan and Taiwan. The photo above was taken by Lynn Wu in Puri Jati, Bali, Indonesia. It was a finalist entry in the 2014 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest.

Photo copyright Lynn Wu.
(Available as wallpaper here.)



Blindfold guy

I’ve been making his blindfold, and it’s ok, but I’d like it to be better than ok. I really love this piece, so I want to be satisfied with it, even if it takes a while. I covered him in cling film underneath the blindfold, so removing it was easy. He now has a fabric blindfold which I’ll try stiffening with shellac.

For another piece, I had a cunning plan that actually worked — there must have been some kind of anomalous abatement of Murphy’s Law. Photos next week, I hope.

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The Plague Ducktor Cometh

While shepherds washed their socks by night
All seated round the tub
The Angel of the Lord came down
And gave them all a scrub

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and the Plague Ducktor brings tidings of great hygiene for the festive season. Her mask is filled with potpourri and balsam to keep out the miasmas of the Black Death and bathtime farts, while she distributes aromatic bath products, scented oils and lotions, incense, flowers, and, if you’re lucky, your favourite perfume. She likes to roost in banana trees.

PLague Ducktor