Shelf life

I’ve had the Chinese pin cushion box since I was a tot. It’s always been one of my favourite possessions. It’s one of the few ornaments I brought over here. Doctor Bird seems to like it as much as I do. I guess it looks like a nest…

Bird Doctor 2015 abr curious


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Blindfold Guy revisit

I decided to try painting the blindfold with hot runny Castilene. I wasn’t actually expecting it to work, but it did. It was easy enough that I want to try it again with a more folded blindfold – something like the right side of this one all the way around. For the second one I think I’ll try hot wax, with cling wrap protecting the model.

Blindfold Guy 09

Blindfold Guy 08

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Dark Faun

I really like the dark patina on him. Sans blue tinge he’s extremely dark brown.

Faun dbr_halfleft01


WIP Zanni Bird

New member of the gang. Needs a bit of detail work, and I might remake the hat in Castilene or with foil armature. Sometimes I just want to make the shape I have in mind and make it now, rather than take the time to make it stable.

zanni wip left 2_s

zanni wip left_s


Open air gym for small woodland creatures

Concerned that the use of running wheels by caged animals was a neurotic behaviour indicative of unhappiness, animal scientists Johanna H. Meijer and Yuri Robbers from the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands placed two running wheels outdoors, one in Professor Meijer’s backyard and one in a sandy dune area.

Turns out the wheels were popular with local small critters, not only mice, but also “a few rats, shrews, frogs, birds, snails and slugs”.

“Some animals seem to use the wheel unintentionally, but mice and some shrews, rats and frogs were seen to leave the wheel and then enter it again within minutes in order to continue wheel running”, the scientists report.

One point I find interesting, from the paper published by the Royal Society (with videos in the figures & data section) is how greatly slugs outnumbered snails in their wheel-slithering. Were there simply more slugs around, or are slugs less sluggish than we thought? Having no shells to hide in, do slugs need a greater fitness edge?


Dr Charlie Bird

I’ve got one plague doctor bird available on Etsy – name of Charlie, with distinctive white markings in his patina. The antique brown patina can always produce some white, but Charlie has extra. I like to think he got caught in a carnival confetti storm.








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More new pieces

The foundry repatinated a couple of minotaurs in dark brown. I think they did a very nice job. I’m also very happy with the antique brown baby. The antique brown has a whitish element in it, but they mixed it so that the white is minimised, which I think works best on these pieces.

Some pieces are a doddle to photograph, but Faun for some reason is tricky.  I’m not too displeased with these pics, but I’d like to try him against a different background, maybe dark wood.

aldebaran dbrhalfside02_s

LTY antbr_left_s

Faun gbr08-95_two_angles_s

Faun gbr08-95_close03_s

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New eggs

New stuff from the foundry! The eggs stand up by themselves now:

NTH trio02s

NTH fleeing_s