I’m so peeved. I made a lovely green…


…but it turned brown, and I don’t know why (I used a stop bath), or why it was green in the first place. It involved two dunkings of the thing in the stuff, but that may have been a coincidence. At any rate, it was…

…an accident!


Well, that was the bronze rings. As for the silver, all the coloured ones darkened, even in ziploc bags. I now have Protectaclear, which I’ll be trying on two new coloured ones and leaving them outside for a couple of weeks.


Noah’s Raven?

The more I hack away at this the more I like it. Might pick and fiddle a bit more but I think it’s pretty much done.


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Rough crow

I made this one on a kind of imperative impulse. I like the shape and the rough texture, though the latter has deep nooks and crannies that I doubt will be mouldable, so that I’ll either have to fill them in somewhat or let it be a one-off piece cast straight from the model. I also like the way it looks reminiscent of a funeral barque when lying down — a carryin’ crow. One side of the face is moulded, the other carved away. Perhaps the filled-in side should be a bit more abstract, or carved away too, maybe with the carving going towards the back of the head — I’m still deciding.



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WIP: Crows

This guy is a commission — he’s a crow pleurant, a pleurant being a robed mourning figure on a tomb. He’s life-size, with the feet separate for casting reasons. I made the robe out of hard Castilene, without armature. I’m trying for a rough, windswept and desolate look!




Making the big crow has got me interested in crows in general, hence these two. First came the Silent One, then the Noisy One. As a pair I think they work best on the tall posts, so I’ll probably go that way with them, though as individuals I also like them on the shorter posts, and they’re more desk/shelf friendly. I might make another — perhaps a raven to go on a writing desk.

Silent One

Two Crows01

Two Crows02




Looked out the windows and everything’s pale glowing yellow, TV tuned to a channel with a beautifully wonky colour balance — one of those weird and magical tropical evenings.


Fallen leaves

Fallen frangipani leaves — much blurring to deal with speckly tiles!



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