Life in the Rococopools: I

Tasselled Seacushion and Roseate Tea Slug:

Tassel Tea01a

5 thoughts on “Life in the Rococopools: I

  1. S-queeee ee ee e ….

    I want to touch! Gently. Also, if you don’t already know sea hares, you should look them up – they’re the brown paisley cousins to these guys, it seems…

    • Sea hares are so squodgy and adorable! In an aquarium I once saw something that looked like a sea hare, but in my memory it was white with red and blue tufts. Maybe it was a sea apple. These guys are either a bit sea-hareish or very well fed slugs… I suspect they predate upon the cream puffs and scone bivalves of the Big Rococo Candy Mountain in the sea.

      • Oh my goodness, please make an ecological guide to the Big Rococo Candy Mountain…

        I’m looking at sea apples right now. So improbable and beautiful! (and they do seem to fit the “white with red and blue tufts” bill) They look like fancy velvet pouches.

        • There are scribbly sketches of the denizens of the BRCM in my notebooks… there might be a field guide one day. I think it was a sea apple. It was when I was a teen, before the internet brought a measure of familiarity with weird stuff in the sea — it was quite big, and I wondered wtf it was!

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