WIP – Project Tardigrade

This has been in my “gonna do” file for a while. The b/w pic’s a preview from when I was seeing if I could select the critter away from the background. I’m happy with the basic pose though want to play with the legs a bit to show more swimming movement.




6 thoughts on “WIP – Project Tardigrade

  1. I am a huge fan of your work and was wandering if you would listen to my music and tell me what you think? Most of my stuff is on dharmadischarge.com I try to make the lyrics like poems and think that one of my inspirations is to make songs that would exist in the dream world that you have created. I understand if your to busy but it would mean something to me.

  2. TARDIGRAAAADE! It has always been waiting to be sculpted by you (and appears to be descending from the wall so daintily and inquisitively) I can’t wait to see how it looks in bronze. Will it have very polished surface texture, or be another Rough Customer?

    Fun how the ‘shopped photo looks like an SEM micrograph.

    • It’ll be a smooth, polished customer with a few crinkles in its skin, and detailed claws and mouth — that’s the plan, anyway. I want it to look like a traditional piece of wildlife sculpture that would look right on a mahogany desk. Of course I must look at lots of tardigrade pictures for research… I’m rather curious as to how Macrobiotus sapiens got its name!

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