Figuring out…

With the yard for the road, neighbour’s fence for the parapet and a ladder for a horse, figuring out how much the characters can actually see. Conclusion: if they’re near the parapet they could probably see down to the river, and if they’re in the middle of the road probably not, which suits me as I don’t really want to do a full view of the city here.

Off to the foundry tomorrow — early start to try and beat the traffic. Supervising welding and patina, and hopefully I’ll come home with some rabbits and ravens.

2 thoughts on “Figuring out…

  1. I love this!! Fictive surveying. (“Yep, I’d say Mordor looks preeeeetty far from here…”)

    Also seems like something they’d get up to in Swallows and Amazons (if you read that), or another of those pastoral British children-adventures…

    • I did read Swallows & Amazons but have forgotten what happened, though I remember enjoying it!

      Indeed no Mordor in sight, though there is a Pit (just a little one) where the dead tree was removed. The verdict was that it was eaten by grubs, but it may be that a spell of ruin lay upon it.

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