Little by little

The Marquis:

Delicate Donkey lifts a hoot. I wasn’t quite happy with his pose, but when I put him back on his support rod his foot was lifted a little, and now I think it looks right.

4 thoughts on “Little by little

  1. Hel-LO handsome Marquis. What will he be holding? He looks very at home among the foliage.

    I’ve always wanted to do a series of illustrations of “animal dandies at home,” especially a Victorian ram gentleman having tea in his parlor. Friend of the Marquis’?

    Delicate Donkey is very touching. I wonder what he is stepping forth into.

    • He’ll be holding a caduceus staff, maybe with the serpents in two colours.

      The animal dandies would be so delightful! I believe the Marquis has dear friends (no pun intended) among the other animal folk, Lord Ramsgate among them.

      I like to think DD is stepping onto the shore of Cythera, or under a weathered brick arch into a wild old garden where he’ll meet strange children who give him apple cakes.

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