Not a Sausage

The pig’s perspective. Will probably tinker a little more, but this one’s pretty much done. Along with Delicate Donkey and the Marquis, this is a small piece, around 22 cm/8.5″). Edition will probably be 8 or 12, and I think I’ll try out a pale patina.



Multiocular O

From the bureau of indispensable knowledge:

Wikipedia: “Multiocular O (ꙮ) is a rare glyph variant of the Cyrillic letter O. This glyph variant can be found in certain manuscripts in the phrase «серафими многоꙮчитїи» (“many-eyed seraphim”). It was documented by Yefim Karsky from a copy of Psalms from around 1429, now found in the collection of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, and subsequently incorporated into Unicode as character U+A66E.”

ETA: This is the manuscript.





Note to self

Writing: When a scene feels like a jigsaw with pieces that won’t fit, and keeps asking for rewrites to try and make them fit, it can be a sign that something bigger is wrong, e.g. the whole premise for the scene. Of course, something bigger can be wrong without obvious signs, but I’ve found often enough that ‘jigsaw going badly’ is a warning to check the bigger picture.

Just have to remember to heed it, as of course it’s tempting to ignore it and try and force the pieces to fit!