Note to self

Writing: When a scene feels like a jigsaw with pieces that won’t fit, and keeps asking for rewrites to try and make them fit, it can be a sign that something bigger is wrong, e.g. the whole premise for the scene. Of course, something bigger can be wrong without obvious signs, but I’ve found often enough that ‘jigsaw going badly’ is a warning to check the bigger picture.

Just have to remember to heed it, as of course it’s tempting to ignore it and try and force the pieces to fit!

3 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. it’s like when an editor gives a comment and my whole being rebels against it. I realise that the comment suggests the wrong outcome but has been totally accurate in pointing to an underlying problem I need to handle.

    • And then I realised the scene was fine… But still, often enough it hasn’t been. Sometimes it just needs reorganising. I’ve found that reducing the size of the text — for as long as I can stand it — can help me iron things out, as if my brain gets a better sense of the bigger picture when it can take in more at a glance.

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