These two bigger hares are rather more trouble than the three small ones. For casting’s sake I’m trying to kind of tidy up the wax while still keeping a spontaneous look, and it’s surprisingly fiddly. They’re generally unwieldy, and with the dark wax I have to wear glasses to see what I’m doing. Also, their long skinny torsos are worryingly bendy. The armature wire I used was too soft. I’ve tried replacing the wax with hard Castilene, which wasn’t hard enough, and now harder wax, which still doesn’t seem sufficiently rigid. Next stop, epoxy. I’ve only ever used it for repairing a garden statue, not for modelling, so I’ll have to give it a trial run. Or try and stiffen that part of the armature with steel wire — since I’ll have to remove the wax I might as well try that.

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