Sun & Moon hares

They’re finished, the other waxes are finished — 5 sets of dancing hares and 2 pairs of silent and noisy crows, and we’re all off to the foundry tomorrow — yay! I reinforced the new hares with harder wax, a bit of wooden skewer inside, and as you can see, more skewers outside. I think they’ll hold. Fingers crossed. They don’t fit in any of my boxes, so I think I’ll have to put them in a suitcase, carried flat.

After that I’m going to take a few days off. This work can be physically demanding, and my arm’s a bit sore. Tai chi and frequent short breaks help, but it needs a proper rest. On the up side, the fritter burn healed fine and I’m still keen on frying. There’s a simple yet satisfying sense of accomplishment when things come out golden and crispy and ready to eat.

7 thoughts on “Sun & Moon hares

    • I hadn’t thought of that! You’re right though, it is rounder. (I’ve just remembered that as a child I was fond of skinny, bendy animal toys with wire inside — wonder if they’ve been waiting in the old subconscious all this time?)

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